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  • Welbonse rubber with high wear-resisting, high elasticity and high bearing capacity, makes the ideal material to manufacture the high-quality floor. In the past ten years, we have accumulated rich experience by engaging the introduction manufacturing and appli
  • 1.Before installation, the rubber should adapt to the environment temperature (consistent with ground temperature). In the process of adhesive natural drying, adhesive should avoid temperature changes significantly.2.When uniform coating the basic ground and t
  • 1. High transparency: artistic, practical, widely applicable2. It adopts the technology of toughing treatment.3. It can easily hold body weight and max load is over 630KG.4. It’s the same size with ordinary raised floor so it can be used together with other fl
  • 1. Daily maintenance In daily life, clean the hair or the fiber of carpets surface with the brush or adhesive tape. Clean the carpet with the electric vacuum cleaner every two or three days. 2. The handing of urgent situation If the carpet was stained by overt
  • We use technologically advance equipment in the production lines to continuously improve our manufacturing technique, ensuring the durability and aesthetic properties of these floor systems, which keeps our customers coming back time and again. Using a complet
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