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Frame Glass Raised Floor

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1. Full tempered glass, high mechanical strength, high load capacity, good impact resistance.

2. Wear proof, waterproof, dust proof and anti-corrosion;

3. High dimensional precision, great interchangeability, flexible assembly, easy maintenance, long service life;

Introduction: Tempered glass is a kind of safety glass or actually prestressed glass. To improve glass strength, chemical or physical method is used to render glass surface with pressure stress so that it offsets the surface stress when receiving external forces. In this way, the glass increase its load capacity and  resistance to wind pressure, heat&cold, impact, etc.

Supporting: Glass raised floor can be installed together with many kinds of anti-static raised floor such as steel raised floor, calcium sulphate raised floor, wood core raised floor, ceramic finish steel raised floor and aluminum raised floor.

Application: Glass raised floor is applicable for various computer room where has requirement to fashion, artistic and anti-static property. The panel is embraced by conductive aluminum frame, which brings great stereoscopic and artistic impression.


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