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Welbonse Rubber

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Welbonse rubber with high wear-resisting, high elasticity and high bearing capacity, makes the ideal material to manufacture the high-quality floor. In the past ten years, we have accumulated rich experience by engaging the introduction manufacturing and application of rubber floor. Our Rubber floor has not only gained the fine reputation among the architects with unique insight, but also the confirmation and approval in the innumerable projects application. With Welbonse brand, we believed that soon it will be good reputation at home and abroad. It’s widespread application of rubber floor has become a spotlight of the modern and fashionable building.






Noise reduction



Chemical corrosion resistance

Permanently resilient

Easy cleaning

Environmentally friendly

Strong antibacterial



The rubber floor is a kind of indoor floor material with the widespread application:

A. All kinds of public places: Gymnasium, Library, Museum, Airport, Transport hub, Theater, Shopping mall, Supermarket, Bus Station, as well various indoor passenger lanes.

B. Special needs indoor space: Hospital, Nursing home, Kindergarten, Gym, all kinds of clubs, Office building, Apartment building, Hotel.

C. Industrial production workshop: Electronics, Chemical industry, Machinery, Light industry workshop, Power plant, High&Low voltage distribution station, and Warehouse.



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