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Raised Access Floor in All Aluminum

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Introduction of Products:

Prefer aluminum as base material. Die costing by large oil press, imported strong glue paste HPL or PVC, pedestal/ stringer are pressured forming with steel, lead screaw could adjust height.


1.The best base material of the raised floor, 100% recycled.

2.Full aluminum, die casing, top with HPL/PVC, excellent antistatic.

3.Light and high loading capacity high dimensional precision.

4.Adjustable height for pedestal, assembly agility, large wire, good exchangeability.

5.Convenient removing, long performance life.

6.Air flow panel suitable 15%~55% ventilation.


Wide range of computer room, network service room, monitor control center, electronic workshop, clean room, dustlessness chamber etc, and occasions which require on antistatic and air conditioning.


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