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Advantage of Wire mesh cable tray

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1.Strong load-bearing capacity 

Our company use straight-edge design (in line with the principles of mechanics)rather than the CABLOFIL wave-style design to enhance the loading capacity of cable tray,especially reflect  in the classic ceiling installation. Our mesh cable tray use IF row welder (This shipment is in a leading position in our country) to make the welding  spot smoother, each welding  spot can withstand more than 500 kg of tension 。 Smooth 70 ° bevel cut  can not only  effectively protect the cables, but also absolutely safe to construction workers.

2.Simple repair and maintenance  
when changing the equipments of monitor room,mesh cable tray with opening design can make the cable be observed furthest so that it is convenient to repair and maintain.

3.Flexible installation 
 Traditional cable tray need various accessories , such as elbow, three-way, four-way, incline while cable tray can be made quickly according to the requirement  of construction on site。 The features of the design and installation of cable tray provides a great convenience for worker.

4.Low purchasing cost and energy consumption 
 Cable tray opening design provides excellent thermal performance .The decrease of performance degradation means a smaller cross-sectional area of the cable in order to reduce purchasing cost.
5. Beautiful form 
Cable tray exquisitely combines the fixed-line, neat and orderly . Color spray can also be based on customer requirements, for some boring room by fresh color. 
6.Reliable quality 
 We first introduced the cable tray  worldwide 10 years warranty commitment 。 Each batch of wire are subject to strict composition testing ; Electro-galvanized layer thickness ≥12μm,Hot Dipped Galvanized thickness≥60 μm . And the uniform thickness can effectively resist corrosion


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