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Chipboard Encapsulated Raised Access Flooring System

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ATFLOR wood core access floor consists of engineered 600mm square modular panels constructed around a high density E1 grade chipboard core. The core is fully encapsulated with GI on all six sides in a special mechanical interlocking of the top & bottom GI tray. This double folded lock constructs into a panel that has a unique in-built stringer ate the underside of each panel edge. This unique engineering exhibits fine dimensional tolerances for modular control, accurate alignment of grids & inter-changeability of panels that complies with the Euro Class requirement of EN 12825.


High strength to weight performance

Unique inbuilt stringer design

Recyclable & environment friendly system

Excellent fire resistance properties tested as per Class 0 and Class 1

Good acoustical properties

Enhanced lateral stability, flexural stiffness & mechanical resistance

Precision in floor levels and positive alignment with the understructure system

Equipotential reinforcement for electrical continutity


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