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Pedestal vertical load test- EN_12825

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The pedestal base shall be rigidly fastened to a rigid substratum within the test apparatus.

Instead of fastening by adhesive or mechanical fixing an appropriate clamping device may be used providing its adequacy is proven by comparative tests and checked at regular intervals The same applies to the use of the same pedestal bases for more than one test.

Stringers are not used in this test.

The pedestal upper part shall be adjusted to the utmost height attributed to the particular pedestal type.

The indentor shall be placed exactly over the centre of the pedestal head on the top of the panel corner.

A test load shall be applied at a rate of 120 N/s ± 10 % to the stated value.

The same fixing method as intended to be used in practice, or a method representing the intended fixing method, shall be used in the test. The pedestal may not show any sign of collapse.


1 Indendor 50 mm * 50 mm

2 Pedestal

3 Measurement table


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