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Underfloor fan coil unites

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FH-UFC series ground type fan coil is a kind of terminal unit specially designed for air and water treatment in raised floor system. It has advantages as compact structure, short finish height, low noise, superior performance, and most importantly, it is convenient to install and maintain.

This series of fan coil is widely used in air conditioning places with multiple rooms in industrial and residential such as hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, markets, exhibition halls, and office buildings, etc., to meet the demands for cooling, drying and heating, etc.


FH-UFC series ground type fan sets adopt double or tetradic control coil, which cool or heat the indoor air and get the air back into indoor. The terminal unit is composed of the shell, radial impeller, multi-speed motor, coiler (heat transfer) and integral aluminum grille, etc.

Unit component

The water inlet and outlet are at the two front sides of the unit. Connection hole is at right and the connection terminal is at the right of fans.


-Upper air transfer structure, easy to install

-Integral loading aluminum grille, finished by oxidation treatment, nice in appearance and good at wear-resisting and load-bearing

-Efficient in heat transfer, the heat exchanger is composed with cooper pipe and efficient aluminum fin

-The motor uses non-maintenance bearings, with new type radial impeller, and it makes little noise

-Condensate water tray can be chosen when coiler is working

-Double or tetradic control coil can be exchanged easily. It can be used in wither cooling or heating places


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